Guest Post: Holidays in Blue by Eve Morton

Sounds of the Season

December tends to have a fairly standard soundtrack, right? Love it or hate it, most stores are playing Christmas music and it seems as if it is impossible to escape. I love the music of the season, but I also found it rather funny that my contemporary romance HOLIDAYS IN BLUE features little of the standard holiday music fare! But that does not mean it’s not a book dictated by sound or music. In fact, looking back on its writing process, I’m pretty sure I wrote this work to be read aloud, or possibly set to music, in some way or another.

Both characters, Eric and Cosmin, have occupations relating to sound or audio in some way. Cosmin is a professor and lecturer who also has a radio program called Sleep Alone; Eric is an actor who has worked on the stage, but now focuses on recording m/m romance audiobooks. When these two men meet again, after sharing a childhood neighbourhood, their lives are different than before but they are able to find common ground in what they both do on a daily basis.

Eric’s love of the m/m romances he reads was inspired by my own love of these audiobooks. I started to read my first ones after receiving Audible for Christmas one year, and so, it’s only fitting that I associate some of my favourites (like Michael Thomas Ford’s collection) with this particular time of year. The narrator for all six of his works, Blake Somerset, is a familiar cadence I’ve come to love, and perhaps even the subliminal inspiration for Eric!

Cosmin’s radio show, Sleep Alone, was inspired by a radio show that I listened to growing up called Lovers and Other Strangers. It no longer runs, and while I had no idea what I was listening to as a kid, it certainly shaped my interests in podcasts and my own penchant for listening to them nonstop with my husband when we’re on the road. The Christmas vacation that my husband and I took which inspired HOLIDAYS IN BLUE occurred during the 2013 ice storm in Toronto. As we made numerous treacherous drives, and then found ourselves stuck indoors from frozen-over knobs preventing us from getting outside, we returned to podcasts and waited out our time.

As I wrote in a blog post for Joyfully Jay, the title HOLIDAYS IN BLUE is a spin on George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Not a Christmas track by any stretch, but it also makes me think of this time of year, and what the world looks like when covered in ice.

And my own favourite holiday song? “Silent Night”!

Sometimes it takes a little ice to discover a whole lot of heat.

Cosmin Tessler is going home for Christmas. Eric Campbell is too.

Neither expected a homecoming quite like this.

When Cosmin Tessler’s radio show is canceled and Eric Campbell’s acting jobs dry up, they find themselves unexpectedly back in their old Toronto neighborhood…and back in each other’s lives years after they’d gone their separate ways. With a series of failed relationships and one ill-advised marriage behind them, both believe their chance for love has come and gone.

Luck, in the form of a massive ice storm, throws the former neighbors together again and they find themselves stranded, alone, for Christmas. Despite their difference in age, long-ago crushes and undeniable attraction prove too much to resist. But when the ice melts, only time will tell if their burgeoning romance will become just another missed chance—or a love story whose time has finally come.

Goodreads | Carina Press | Amazon
Release Date: December 7th 2020

Eve Morton is a writer living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. When she is not teaching classes at the local college or spending time with her family, Eve is often reading a lot of books, listening to music, or researching something new. Find more information on

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