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Wanting to capture images of our loved ones is such a universal human experience. All around the world we snap millions of pictures every day. Evolving technology brings everyday people the means to document their lives and surroundings, and I think that’s incredible. What’s equally interesting is the history of photography and the glimpse into the past vintage photos lend us.

In Captured Shadows by Richard Rider, Jim Sinnet is an upstanding portrait photographer in Victorian London by day. By night he takes erotic photographs for rich clients. When a chance encounter brings Archie into his life, first as a friend, then as something more, Jim agrees to pose in front of the camera with him. In a whirlwind story of love, betrayal, miscommunication, and finding a way to happiness, this book also delivers some extremely interesting lessons on the technology of photography at the time. If you’re the kind of person who loves a good cry, this book is definitely for you.

Captured Shadows was one of the first books I’ve read with a photographer as a main character. My hesitation in the past to read them stems from the same reason why I find it difficult to read main characters who are psychologists. I majored in psych in university, which doesn’t make me an expert by any stretch, but it does mean I can see behind the curtain and this leads to inevitably growing annoyed over things plenty of readers might not even notice.

As a photographer, I wondered if I might feel the same while reading about main characters whose passion is photography. With Captured Shadows, I found that because the technology is so different from what I’m used to, it gave me the distance I needed and allowed me to enjoy it. But even if you discount that, Rider did such an incredible job of capturing the spirit and wonder of creating images for people. How moving it is, the emotion that you’re privy to as a spectator, and how it feels to have a hand in recording peoples’ lives and the moments that are precious to them.

In my career I’ve photographed all kinds of events, from newborn baby photos to weddings to cosplayers, and everything in between. Every time I thought I found a niche I wanted to specialize in, I was reminded of how much I loved another. Weddings were grueling eight to fourteen-hour days with months of editing, but the reward was incredible photos of touching moments.


Shooting cosplayers was probably the most fun. The effort they put in to become the characters was inspiring, and incredible.


These days I’m much more focused on writing, though my passion for taking photographs is still making itself known. My latest manuscript features a photography grad student sucked into a world of magic when his grandmother’s death triggers a sequence of events leading him to the one person who can provide protection and answers—a federal agent he wants with a surprising intensity and can’t have. Myles Wilder and Hadrian Kent are still looking for a home, but if you’re interested in updates when their story becomes available, sign up for my newsletter or follow me on twitter @theandielawless.

I’ve also written some contemporary m/m under the pen name A.D. Lawless, a New Adult novel of the rip out your heart and glue it back together variety, and a lighthearted Christmas romance featuring a fake relationship and friends to lovers. Both can be found here: A.D. Lawless books on Amazon.



When unexpected tragedy strikes, shattering eighteen-year-old Ryan’s idyllic life, he does the only thing he can to stay sane… he slaps on a mask, pretends he’s fine, and takes off for college. Week after week, he drifts through school in a bleak half-life. He doesn’t care about anything, or anyone—least of all himself.

Then Liam Doyle hurtles into his life with easy smiles, effortless caring, and those kind hazel eyes that see straight through him. Liam sees him and wants to stick around anyway.

And that… well, that’s terrifying.

Intensely unforgettable, Breathe Out Slow is a heart-rending journey of loss, bittersweet memories, and two incredible love stories.

Goodreads | NineStar Press
Release Date: September 9th 2019


AndieLawlessAndie Lawless is a bi tattoo enthusiast with a passion for writing queer paranormal and/or historical romance. From Halifax, Nova Scotia, she (stereotypically) loves walks on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and taking pictures of the same driftwood log every chance she gets. Yes, it’s probably weird. No, she doesn’t care if you think so.


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