Blog Tour (w/ Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway): Roxy’s Recovery By Kim Breyon

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I’m excited to welcome Kim Breyon on Queer Books Unbound today. Her book Roxy’s Recovery released yesterday. This healing and heartwarming story will make you believe in the power of kindness and love again.

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As the newest veterinarian in the small town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Vaughn Winters doesn’t have time for relationships. He is too busy healing injuries and establishing his reputation as a trustworthy vet. But when a strange man waves him down on a stormy night seeking help for his injured dog, Vaughn simply can’t refuse.

Obviously homeless and with no means to pay for Roxy’s medical care, Vaughn throws caution to the wind and strikes a deal with the hesitant stranger that would allow Roxy the time to heal and provide some much needed TLC to his property as well. As the days pass, Vaughn’s curiosity grows. Alex’s dedication to the job is as surprising as the sexy tats hidden beneath his rugged clothes. What could have pushed this kind, hardworking man to the streets, or cast such dark shadows in his otherwise bright blue eyes?

Will six weeks be enough time to earn Alex’s trust? Or will asking questions cause him to tuck tail and run as soon as Roxy is able?

Roxy’s Recovery is a 61k standalone contemporary romance involving two men, a meddling sister, and a seriously sassy pug.

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Alex straightened, genuinely curious where I was going with this. “You want me to work off her care?”

I nodded. “I’ll give Roxy the medical care she needs, and provide food for both of you. In return, you’ll help me make this place more presentable.”

He considered it. “What needs to be done?”

“Just about everything,” I said with a huff. “Painting. Weeding. The awning over the front door needs to be fixed or maybe just replaced. I’m not sure yet. There’re a few outdoor kennels that need repairs too, since someone ran their truck into them a few months ago. I have the supplies for most of the work already, but honestly, I just don’t have the time. I’m swamped with patients, and my assistants are barely keeping up with the work we have. I’d like to hire another full-time assistant in the spring, but I’m not quite to that point yet, and I think if I spruce up the property, it’ll help me get there.”

Alex studied the contents of his bowl, thinking it over. “Roxy would stay with you, then?” he asked.

“Yes. And you can too.”

That caught his attention, and he looked up, eyes wide. “What?”

I nodded. “I have a small room above the clinic that has its own private entrance so you’ll have a place to stay for a while. There’s a toilet out there, but no shower. You’re welcome to use the one in here, though.”

Alex sat back in stunned disbelief. “You’d let me stay here?”

I nodded again. “I can give you an allowance for food if you want, or you’re welcome to eat with me. I don’t cook gourmet or anything as you can probably tell, but at least you won’t go hungry.”

The way he kept shaking his head and blinking back tears told me exactly what my offer had meant to him. This had turned into something far more than a random act of kindness to help his dog. It had become a promise of shelter and food for several weeks to come.


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For the Blog Tour, Kim is giving away a $15 Amazon Gift Card

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Back To You (Against All Odds, Book 1) By Kim Breyon

One of you, one of me…

As a private investigator, I have a perfect record when it comes to closing cases…as long as you don’t count the only one that ever really mattered to me.

Even after a decade, the memory of the foster boy I once shared a room with continues to haunt my dreams. For five years, Riley helped me laugh when there was so little in our lives to laugh about. His gentle touch and stormy gray eyes were the only thing that could calm the swirling and turbulent thoughts and emotions within me.

But in the blink of an eye, the safe harbor my best friend provided was ripped from my life without warning or reason. His unexplained disappearance set sail to a lonely and hopeless journey. Now, I am no more willing to let the memory of my best friend go than I am ready to give up the search for him, as hopeless as it may seem to those around me.

And then a client asks me to locate a stolen treasure box. Clues have me heading from the city of Atlanta to a small, picturesque town in South Carolina called Reedsport. There, I hope to find the missing box; what I never expected was to find something else that I’d been missing for far too long. Could I have finally found a beacon of hope that would lead Riley Tanager back to me?

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And Then You (Against All Odds, Book 2) By Kim Breyon

Love is a risk… but a risk worth taking.

I knew my life would change when I followed my best friend across state lines and transferred to the Reedsport Police Department. I just wasn’t prepared for how much.

From the moment I meet him, CJ Reyes isn’t what I expect, and neither is our chemistry. The fire with him is like nothing I’ve felt before, both in and out of the bedroom. His sexy sapphire eyes are cracking the walls around my heart, and for the first time in my life, I’m not rushing to repair them. But can I trust him with the heaviest burden of all: the dangers of my career?

After being cut from the national team in Mexico, I’d hoped to get away from it all when I accepted a temporary coaching position in a small town in South Carolina. The reprieve doesn’t come, though, thanks to my family constantly breathing down my neck and the uncertainty of my future looming over me.

Then I meet Jake, whose humor and understanding feel like my only way out of the darkness. Our fiery nights and growing friendship make my loss feel a little less devastating and my future less bleak. But when I’m forced to make a decision that could change my life forever, will Jake see reason? Or will I end up losing something far more valuable than the world championship?

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Amazon US | Everywhere Else | Goodreads



I am an Idaho native who grew up dreaming about traveling the world and writing stories. I would often spend my spare time curled up with my favorite blanket and a notebook, writing another fairy tale. I never would have guessed those fairy tales would one day turn into gay romances, but that is where my heart led me, and I am so glad it did. I write about love because I believes it can happen to anyone, with anyone. I also believe dreams never expire, redemption is possible, and true forgiveness can heal us in ways we never expect. I know firsthand how messy life can get, but as any artist will tell you, a little mess is needed to create something beautiful. That’s why I write, to help others see that anything can be beautiful. You can often find me with a mug of coffee in one hand, and a dog toy in the other. There is never a day that goes by without my sweet boy insisting on a game – or twenty – of fetch.

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