Queer Books Unbound Birthday Extravaganza: Guest Post by Lilah Suzanne

QBU_Guest post by Lilah Suzanne

We’re excited to welcome Lilah Suzanne, author of the Spotlight series and Jilted on Queer Books Unbound today! We had a little chat with them about upcoming books, fanfiction and the difference between writing a stand-alone book vs. a series.

Plus they also brought a giveaway with them! Find the details and how to enter below.


You’ve written a series and with Jilted also a stand-alone book. What was the biggest difference in your approach to writing and planning the books? Additionally, what is the biggest difference emotionally?

Typically when I write a stand alone I have a basic outline and basic character sketch, and then the details fully reveal themselves to me as the story goes along. But for the Spotlight series, I had to do a very deep dive with characterization in order to be consistent in every book in the series. Because of that, I feel as if I really “know” these characters. It was so hard to end the series because I got so attached to them. I miss them! (Though maybe I’m not completely done with that world yet…)

Of your five books, do you have one that is your favorite? If so, why does that one mean so much to you?

I wrote a digital short, After the Sunset, that flew under the radar for whatever reason and too bad, because I happen to adore it! I think it’s some of my best work. Also, Jilted is particularly meaningful to me, as writing a non-binary character helped me conceptualize some things about myself and gave me the courage to start telling other people that I’m non-binary; something I’ve always known but didn’t always have the words for.

If you could do-over one book, or a part of a book, which one would it be?

In every book I’ve written, there are parts that I think I could have done differently or better. That’s just the nature of writing. But the things I wish I had done differently are also what pushed me to do better next time and grow as a writer. I will say, after Spice I spent some time thinking about the sort of books I wanted to write and what path I wanted to be on, though I love Spice for what it is and wouldn’t necessarily change it.

You came from writing fanfiction; how would you say did this prepare you to move to original fiction?

Fanfiction gave me the confidence to put my writing out there and gave me a chance to practice and sharpen my skills in a (relatively) safe space. I wouldn’t be writing original fiction at all without fanfic.

And for the last question: What’s next in the pipeline? Is there something new you’re currently working on?

Nothing official yet, but I am working on a new stand-alone story currently that will hopefully be out later this year sometime, and there’s also some Spotlight series related news coming out soonish. I wish I could say more! Stay tuned.

Thank you!!

Thank you! Congrats on the continued success of your blog, and here’s to many more years to come!



Lilah Suzanne and Interlude Press generously offered an ebook of Lilah’s latest release Jilted for a giveaway! You can enter by clicking on the graphic.
The giveaway is open internationally and will run until February 16!


Jilted 1600Synopsis

A romantic comedy of love lost, faked, and found…

Carter’s fiancé is in love with someone else. Link has just been left at the altar. After bonding over mutual heartbreak at the would-be reception’s open bar, Link and Carter pass out in the honeymoon suite—and are mistaken for the happy newlywed couple the next morning. Reluctant to deal with the fallout from their breakups, they embark on an exciting week of fake honeymooning, during which Carter starts to have real feelings for Link. A genderqueer artist who lives life by their own rules, Link inspires Carter to build a new future. Against the eclectic and electric backdrop of New Orleans, Carter and Link have to decide if a second chance at love is in the cards, or if they’re only meant to be sidelined in someone else’s story.

Goodreads | Interlude Press | Amazon | B&N


lilah-suzanneLilah Suzanne is the author of Amazon bestseller Broken Records, part of the Spotlight series along with Burning Tracks and Blended Notes. Lilah also authored Spice, the novellas Pivot & Slip and After the Sunset, and the short story Halfway Home, which was featured in the holiday anthology If the Fates Allow. A writer from a young age, Lilah resides in North Carolina and mostly enjoys staying indoors, though sometimes ventures out for concerts, museum visits, and quiet walks in the woods.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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