Goodbye From Top to Bottom Reviews; Hello Queer Books Unbound!


Hi there, it’s Annie and Jude!

We’re so excited to finally reveal a big change that’s been in the works for a while now: we’re saying goodbye to From Top to Bottom Reviews to continue under a new name: Queer Books Unbound.

You can now find us at: and the new blog email is!

Why the change of name?

For a while we’ve felt like the name From Top to Bottom Reviews didn’t properly represent us, and what we do, anymore. In many ways, this blog is not the same blog  as it was when it all started.

When Annie created From Top to Bottom Reviews it was partly out of curiosity to see “if she could do it”, because she really loves to talk about books, and because a fellow blogger told her that she couldn’t find out if she liked blogging and reviewing if she didn’t give it a try.
Initially this started out as a MM-romance focused blog, but as the blog grew and as we grew, we’ve evolved and learned and had exciting opportunities, to read so many books and meet amazing authors. Over time, this blog grew to become a blog that includes the full spectrum of romantic and sexual attraction, and all kinds of relationship pairings and gender identities. We want the name of the blog to represent that, and us.

Why Queer Books Unbound?

Short answer: because it feels right.

The longer answer includes many reasons: it’s shorter, it reflects our mission of representing the full spectrum of the Queer community and, pragmatically, there is no other blog out there with the same name. We feel that it is more memorable and hope our readers will as well. Once we decided on this name, we knew that it fit us and what we do 100%.


Now we’re here – three years later – and it’s been awesome to see how this blog has grown and amazing to think about all the books we read, people we got to meet and new friends we’ve gained.

To celebrate our three-year milestone and our new name, we enlisted some amazing authors to help us out.  In the next 2 weeks you can expect lots of guest posts, giveaways, sneak peaks, and other fun stuff. The first post in our celebration will go live tomorrow, so make sure to check it out!

Lastly, Annie and Jude want to extend a huge thank you to the readers, authors, publishers, and PR representatives who have made a huge impact on the growth of our little blog over the past three years! We can’t wait to see what the next three bring!

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