Guest Post: Undertow by Brooklyn Ray

What’s a better way to end the week than with a magical blog post?

We’re excited to welcome Brooklyn Ray on From Top to Bottom Reviews with a guest post about the witch kits for her characters Ryder, Tyler, Liam, Christy & Donovan!


The Port Lewis Witches is an ongoing series that features five messy, young witches who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Today I’ll be highlighting some of the magical items and tools you’d find in their rooms on any given day. We’ll call them Witch Kits!

Ryder—as a Fire witch and a necromancer, Ryder would definitely have a few standard tools on him at all times. A Reaver—a talon-shaped ring with a sharpened blade attached to it—is used to draw blood for necromancy or when practicing dark magic. His Reaver is often tucked away in his pocket, but is almost always within reach. His Athame—a black-handled blade—is usually kept on his altar, and is used for consecrating sacred spaces. He also has used his Athame for blood-letting which is usually a big no-no in most circles. A standard Tarot deck and strong Dragon’s Blood incense would also be in his kit. Citrine—a sun stone used for personal growth, positivity, vibrancy, happiness and success—is also something Ryder would keep on his altar.

Undertow 1

Tyler—the volatile, aggressive head witch of the circle who has an affinity for Air magic, would carry a very specific set of tools with him. His Athame, of course. A Wand, probably made of holly wood and fashioned with quartz, would also be on his person at all times, or kept in his car, close enough to reach. Lots of witches use wands as a focal point in their practice—a way to direct their energy. Aquamarine is an intuitive stone used to enhance communication and truth-telling, and Tyler would wear it often. His most precious tool would be his Ouija Board—a tool used by most witches with the utmost caution—which he would use with his circle and only his circle.

undertow 2

Liam—a Water witch with darkness running through his veins. UNDERTOW reveals what that darkness actually is, but I won’t spoil it for anyone. Liam finds his power in storms, rain, and most importantly, the ocean. He keeps a Chalice filled with water in his window and a small vial of sea water in his pocket. Another important tool that Liam would carry with him is his Boline—a white handled knife shaped like a crescent moon. Most Boline’s are used for cutting sacrificial items, ritual goods or sacred food, but Liam has used his Boline for other things as well. His deep, black Scrying Mirror is a new tool for him, but he uses often. Black Tourmaline for protection, of course. Blue Kyanite and Larimar to keep his connection with Water strong.

Undertow 3

Christy—the circle’s own White witch and personal Psychic. Christy bases her magic in lightwork, choosing to stay rooted in positivity and bright, intuitive magic. Since she bases most her spellwork off of intuition, she would use her Quartz Sphere often, conjuring thoughts, answers, questions and maybe prophesies within it. Since Christy also specializes in Tasseography—tea leaf readings—she would always have tea handy. Chamomile, most likely. Dried flowers litter the bottom of her purse—lemonbalm for healing, rosemary for clarity, roses for luck—which she regularly uses in tandem with essential oils to channel good energy. A pendulum would also be in her pocket at all times, a divination tool that is used to speak with spirits, deities, and other paranormal creatures.

Undertow 4

Donovan—the youngest of their circle, an Earth magician who might be something else entirely. Even though Donovan has a tough time finding his Earth magic, he carries a satchel full of dirt from the woods with him, a way to keep his element close even if it seems far away. Donovan also has a wand—a short, Birch piece with a handle decorated in raw emeralds—passed down from his late father, Donovan wears a pentacle around his neck on most days, and carries a Tiger’s Eye palm stone with him wherever he goes. Tiger’s Eye is a creative and protective stone with qualities that soothe, inspire and ground the user. He also has a small tea kettle with him in his backpack for nights when he ends up sleeping somewhere other than his own bed. Clearing Sprays enhanced with Christy’s essential oil and dried flowers is misted onto his clothes and bedsheets once a day, and sometimes he can be caught fiddling with hand-painted rune stones—a variety of Carnelian, Bloodstone and Garnet.

Undertow 5



Port Lewis, a coastal town perched on the Washington cliffs, is home to Crescent Cafe, a slew of micro-breweries, a downtown packed with antique boutiques, and violent, ancient storms. Thunder shakes rooftops and lightning cuts through dark skies, but Liam Montgomery has never been afraid.

Until now.

One night, Liam hears the scream of a kelpie, a Water horse whose cry foretells the beginning of a prophecy. Kelpies have not set foot on shore for decades, but as Liam digs into his magic and his family’s history, he uncovers a mysterious secret that could ripple into the lives of everyone around him.

Liam’s tea-leaves spells out murder. The life of someone he loves is on the line. An unwelcome kelpie speaks in riddles. The Queen of Water demands a sacrifice.

The Montgomery name is soaked in blood and secrets. Liam’s fate is sealed, but he’ll do whatever it takes to change it—even if it risks his circle, his magic, and his life.

Content Warnings: Depictions of blood play, murder, death, and gore

Goodreads | NineStar Press | Amazon
Release Date: September 10
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Brooklyn Ray is a tea connoisseur and an occult junkie. She writes queer speculative fiction layered with magic, rituals and found families.

Twitter | Goodreads | Tumblr

Genre: Contemporary Genre: Paranormal Identity: Transgender Orientation: Gay Orientation: Pansexual Pairing: M/M Publisher: Nine Star Press Tag: Friends to Lovers Tag: Magic Tag: Part of a series

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