ARC Review by Annie: Twice in a Lifetime by Jodie Griffin


When widow Talia Wasserman applies for a job with the local police department, she’s shocked to discover she’ll be working for Lieutenant Eve Poe, an officer she’d met—and been attracted to—during a long-ago citizen’s police academy workshop. Fifteen years later, the spark is still there, and no one’s currently in Talia’s life or in her bed. But there’s just one teeny, tiny problem. Eve is her boss, so she’s completely off-limits.

Eve feels a sizzling connection with Talia from the very first, but Talia works for her, and that’s just a bad idea. Besides, Eve needs to focus on the person sending disturbing emails to her office, and not on the woman who quickly makes herself invaluable to the department. It’s too bad her heart doesn’t agree with her.

Then Eve is badly injured in the line of duty, and Talia’s worst fears are realized. She may lose her chance at happiness with the woman she’s come to love, and she can’t survive that kind of loss twice in a lifetime.

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Release Date: January 22nd


*A copy of this was provided via NetGalley

Twice in a Lifetime is a cute story with little angst, a tiny bit of suspense and a sweet love story. What initially drew me to the book was that it featured two women over 50. This is really rare in the romance genre; plus the blurb sounded great! Not to forget that it has a super lovely cover.
But…I feel like it just wasn’t for me. I can’t exactly pinpoint why I didn’t love it — overall it was a nice read — and I would recommend it. It’s doesn’t take long to get into the story and it’s a rather fast and easy read. You definitely get what’s promised in the blurb. I just somehow never really clicked with either of the characters.

Their romance is sweet and heartwarming. Both Eve and Talia know what they want and it was cute to see them fall in love. But I struggled a bit with the power imbalance and how neither Talia nor Eve want to acknowledge it — even ignore it. It takes Eve’s boss to take matters into his hands – once he discovers their relationship – and I just feel like they both have enough life experiences to know that they should have informed their boss. Especially because workplace romances didn’t seem to be an issue at the station.

What I loved about Twice in a Lifetime was how it was such a non-issue for either of the kids when their mom’s started dating. I loved the easy acceptance and how the kids among each other built familial bonds. It added to the whole easy-going and nice vibe the book had going. I’d recommend the book if you are looking for a nice, drama-free story that will make you smile.


Jodie Griffin didn’t always want to be a writer. She spent hours reading, but school papers were written one painful word at a time. Then a story idea came, demanding to be put on paper. After years of practice, she took the leap, submitted her first manuscript, and hasn’t looked back.

Jodie is also an avid photographer, a chocoholic, and a lover of bad puns. When she’s not writing, she’s likely out stalking the moon for that perfect shot.

Jodie’s own happily ever after includes one incredibly supportive husband and one future heroine. Visit Jodie at


Genre: Contemporary Orientation: Bisexual Orientation: Lesbian Pairing: F/F Publisher: Riptide Publishing Review Tag: Friends to Lovers Tag: Military / Uniform Tag: PoC

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