Exclusive Excerpt: Thirsty Boy by Elliot Cooper

Good morning everyone! We’re excited to welcome Elliot Cooper on From Top to Bottom Reviews today. He’s brought an excerpt to his new release Thirsty Boy with him!


Jay’s had enough of temporary arrangements with temporary Doms. He thinks he’s found the community he’s been looking for with the Thunder Pigs MC—a gay BDSM motorcycle club with their own private dungeon. Only he’s not a brother, not one of their boys, and the club’s president is tired of Jay playing tourist. When given an ultimatum—get with a brother or get banned indefinitely—Jay must prove he’s the perfect sub for the Dom he’s admired from afar.

Stag isn’t ready to take on a sub after the lingering hurt of too many false starts. He’s been going solo for too long to let a thirsty twink be more than eye candy to him. But Jay’s a good guy who seems to really need the club in his life. And Stag isn’t about to let him walk out of the clubhouse, and out of his life, without trying to help. But the taboo nature of his kinks, his needs, might do more harm than good.

WARNING: This story contains Risk Aware Consensual Kink including dominance/submission play and watersports.

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Release Date: December 8th


“You got any hangups? Hard limits?” Stag could tell Jay was raring and ready to go—that needy look in his eyes had threatened to suck him in too deep too fast—but preliminary shit was too important to him. If this was going to work at all, they had to set a solid foundation, had to have a basic understanding and trust.
“Severe pain. Scat. Blood. Breathplay. Well…unless it’s a little with deepthroating. That’s okay sometimes. Like seeing how long I can keep your cock in my throat… I like that.”
“Good.” Fuck, this boy’s going to be the death of me before we get anywhere. Riding hard wasn’t Stag’s favorite thing, but he wouldn’t have much of a choice with Jay putting delicious pictures in his head. He tried to focus instead on his surprise that the list wasn’t longer. The last couple subs he’d taken on had carried around running laundry lists of soft and hard limits. Not that he couldn’t understand, but it made spontaneity more difficult for him if a man’s tastes were so narrow.
They headed out into the cool night air and over to his maroon and orange bike, gleaming under the parking lot light and arrow-topped marquee. He dug his spare peanut helmet out of his saddlebag and handed it to Jay, who’d lapsed into silence. Luckily he didn’t look nervous, just eager and all smiles.
“Oh,” he blurted out as he put the unembellished helmet on and adjusted the chin strap. “Don’t feminize me. Please.”
“No frilly aprons for you, huh?” Stag smirked. He didn’t mind a bit of crossdressing if a guy was into it. Panties could look damn hot straining to contain a cock and balls. But it wasn’t his favorite kink, so it wouldn’t pose a problem.
Jay made a thoughtful sound, his face screwing up a little as he tried to find the right phrasing. “It’s not that so much as words? Treatment? I get that it’s motorcycle culture to call it riding bitch, right? But I’m not a bitch. I’m a man. A boy.” He shrugged. “One Dom I played with called my ass a pussy constantly. It was a real turn on for him, but not for me. He wouldn’t stop, so I safeworded out and we agreed to part ways.”
“Ah, I get it.” Stag finished buckling his helmet’s strap and fished his fingerless riding gloves out of his vest pockets. “Makes sense.”
“What’re your limits?”
Stag smiled as he grabbed his leather chaps from the back of his bike and snapped them up his legs. Jay really did know his way around the scene, and he was a lot more confident than Stag was used to. For some reason he tended to gravitate toward subs who were vulnerable, carrying around loads of baggage from bad experiences in and out of BDSM situations. He wasn’t the right guy to fix someone with dominance anymore than he expected a man to fix him by submitting to him. No, he’d had to get his head out of his own ass a long time ago. Along the way he’d learned a lot about the kind of men who were wrong for him, and who he was wrong for, too. Which was why he’d stayed unattached for so long—he knew more about what he didn’t need than what he did.
Jay’s question was definitely something he needed in his life. Something a sub had never asked him before and might have circumvented a few bad experiences.
“Same as yours. And don’t call me daddy—I’ve never been into that kink. Makes me think of my old man, all the pressure he put on me to have kids, carry on the family name. A bunch of bullshit baggage, basically.” He slung his leg over his bike and got settled. “This is just a test run, all right? To see how we work together.”
Jay climbed on behind him, hands on Stag’s shoulders, hard cock noticeable through his colors as it pressed down his back. Talking shop hadn’t seemed to cool his fire like it had Stag’s. “I’ll take the chance.”
Stag fired up his hog and it roared to life as Jay cuddled close behind him, knees at his hips, arms snug around his middle, breath on his neck. It had been too long since he’d had a passenger, a man clinging to him as they pierced the wind.
“Make sure you lean with me,” he shouted over his shoulder as he put up the kickstand and backed the bike out of his usual parking spot.
“Got it,” Jay called back.
“And another thing…”
“I’m the jealous type. Call it a flaw, but I don’t share.”
Jay adjusted himself, knuckles digging into Stag’s tailbone for a brief moment before Jay squeezed him tight. “Sounds like a strength to me.”


Elliot Cooper writes speculative fiction featuring queer characters. His novels and novellas come with hopeful and happy endings, though his short fiction runs the gamut of styles and genres. He strives above all to make his readers feel, while also increasing positive representation of LGBTQ characters and their stories.

Genre: Contemporary Genre: Erotica Orientation: Gay Pairing: M/M Self Published Tag: BDSM

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