Blog Tour w/ Character Interview: A Sip of Rio by Teodora Kostova


Liam Young has a problem – he’s booked a romantic holiday to Rio de Janeiro months ago, but when he breaks up with his boyfriend, all his plans fall apart. Not only is his dream holiday slipping through his fingers, but Liam is sick and tired of getting his heart broken.

Blaine Reed has a solution that can save Liam’s plans. Recently divorced, Blaine needs a break, and a couple of stress-free weeks in Rio with a sexy guy like Liam sounds like heaven.
Liam and Blaine hit it off right from the start, becoming good friends even before they’ve left London. Despite their efforts to ignore the simmering attraction between them, it boils over when they end up sharing a room in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Being together in Rio is easy, and it’s exactly what Liam needs – no feelings, no drama, nobody getting hurt.

Until someone does.

When the holiday bubble bursts, it’s up to them to find a way to be together outside of Rio’s seductive magic.

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Release Date: September 2016


Liam: This is weird.

Blaine: Are you afraid I’m going to ask uncomfortable questions?

L: Don’t waggle your eyebrows, it’s creepy.

B: *laughs* *waggles eyebrows some more*

L: Plus, I get to ask questions, too.

B: Yeah, but unlike you I’m not cagey. I’m open and honest and lovely.

L: You just love the sound of your own voice. Especially if you’re talking about yourself.

B: *shrugs* *grins*

L: Alright, let’s get this over with. We need some rules.

B: Oh, for fuck’s sake, Liam!

L: We each ask three questions.

B: Fine.

L: Any subquestions will be counted as a new question.

B: If you come up with another rule I’m leaving.

L: We’re at your office and you start work in half an hour.

B: I’ll make you leave then.

L: *sighs* *rolls his eyes* Fine. Ask me your first question.

B: Why should I go first?

L: And the answer to your first question is…

B: Hang on…

L: Because I said so.

B: Are you kidding me?

L: Is that another question?

B: *growls* *glares at Liam*

L: *grins*

B: *takes a deep breath* *calms down* Do you feel weird going on holiday with someone you’ve met a week ago?

L: A little. But… *blushes a little* I think we’ve become good friends in the past week. I know it sounds silly because it’s probably impossible to get to know someone in such a short time, but when I think about going on holiday with you I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. And I’m really looking forward to it.

B: Awww, you’re such a marshmallow!

L: Shut up. My turn. How long did it take you to decide to get in touch with me and offer yourself as boyfriend replacement? *grins*

B: Five seconds.

L: *opens mouth to ask subquestion*

B: Nope, my turn.

L: *folds arms and glares*

B: Which is your favourite Game of Thrones character?

L: Deanerys!

B: *laughs*

L: What? She’s awesome! She has pet dragons!

B: Technically they’re her children…

L: Whatever. She’s tiny and fierce and I hope she kicks everyone’s ass this season!

B: *laughs* *squeezes Liam in an one-armed hug*

L: *detaches himself from hug* *straightens clothes* Are you capable of entertaining yourself on an eleven hour flight?

B: What kind of a question is that?

L: A relevant one. Unlike your Game of Thrones trivia quiz.

B: Yes, Mum, I can entertain myself for eleven hours.

L: Are you sure? You do seem a bit hyper.

B: A-ha! That was your last question!

L: *frowns*

B: Yes, I am sure. *grins*

L: *sighs* What goes around…

B: Last question!

L: Go for it.

B: *moves closer to Liam* *bumps his shoulder to Liam’s* How much fun are we going to have in Rio?

L: *grins* A-fucking-lot!

B: Yeah, baby!



“It tastes like Rio,” Liam said, and for some reason that made him a bit sad. Who was going to make him cocktails that tasted like Rio when they were gone in a few days? “It’s sweet and bitter at the same time, but it’s still beautiful and kinda addictive. I haven’t finished this one and I’m already thinking of ordering another one.”

Diego seemed satisfied with his answer, if his wide toothy grin was any indication.

“Well done, amigo, that was exactly what I was going for.” Diego leaned on his elbows on the counter, moving closer to Liam as if to whisper something conspiratorially. Liam met him half way, his head turning a little to the side as he listened to Diego, but his eyes held Blaine’s who was watching them with a frown. “But be careful,” Diego whispered. “A sip of Rio is all it takes. You may never want to leave.”

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Teodora Kostova (1)Hi, my name is Teodora and I live in London with my husband and my son. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, but it became my full time job in 2010 when I decided that everything else I’ve tried bores me to death and I have to do what I’ve always wanted to do, but never had to guts to fully embrace. I’ve been a journalist, an editor, a personal assistant and an interior designer among other things, but as soon as the novelty of the new, exciting job wears off, I always go back to writing. Being twitchy, impatient, loud and hasty are not qualities that help a writer, because I have to sit alone, preferably still, and write for most of the day, but I absolutely love it. It’s the only time that I’m truly at peace and the only thing I can do for more than ten minutes at a time – my son has a bigger attention span than me.
When I’m procrastinating, I like to go to the gym, cook Italian meals (and eat them), read, listen to rock music, watch indie movies and True Blood re-runs. Or, in the worst case scenario, get beaten at every Nintendo Wii game by a very inventive kid.

Connect with Teodora: Website | Facebook | Facebook Group | Instagram | Twitter | Newsletter | Pinterest | Goodreads

Blog Tour Genre: Contemporary Orientation: Gay Pairing: M/M Self Published Tag: Friends to Lovers Tag: Holidays

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