ARC Review by Annie: After the Sunset by Lilah Suzanne


Caleb Harris and Ty Smith-Santos are struggling actors who have never crossed paths until their lives take a turn for the bizarre when they learn that a farm in Sunset Hollow, Washington has been bequeathed to both of them. Intent on selling the property, Caleb and Ty clear out the cluttered farmhouse, but soon find themselves falling for the charming farm nestled between two misty-topped mountains, the lonely man who left it to them, and each other. When a real estate developer offers them a hefty payout, will they take the money and run or keep the farm and their budding relationship?

Goodreads / Amazon / Interlude Press
Release Date: July 6th


This is pretty much the perfect summer read. Stir together a bit of funny, cute and romantic; add the perfect dose of fluff to sweeten it a bit, but not too much, top it off with a teeny bit of “dramatic” and voilà you have one must read for the summer.

After the Sunset brings together Caleb and Ty. Both are actors but live on opposite sides of the country. They don’t know each other, when they’re notified that they’ve inherited half of the property of someone they never met or heard of.

But while Caleb falls head over heels in love with the farm and likes the idea of living and working there because for once in his life he feels necessary and useful, Ty just wants it all cleaned up so they can sell it as fast as possible. He’s not happy to be stuck there with Caleb. While clearing out the house though, they get to know each other and they also find out about Ezra, the late owner of the farm, and his life. As they go through everything on the farm, to decide what they can sell and what to just throw away, Caleb and Ty are drawn to each other.
After the Sunset also tells the story of the late owner and his lover Hugh, who died in the war, leaving behind Ezra and their dream of living and growing old together on that farm. Trying to solve the mystery of Ezra’s lover, Hugh, helps them to fall in love too.

Because of the length of the story, things happen quite fast – though not unrealistically so. The overall pacing was great, I just felt like the happy end was a bit too fast compared to the rest of the story. Otherwise though I have nothing to complain about and I’m happy I picked this up. I found it engaging, well written and just the perfect dose of fluff to make it a perfect summer read.

*a copy of this was provided via NetGalley

Genre: Contemporary Orientation: Gay Pairing: M/M Publisher: Interlude Press Review Short Story

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