Book Review: Silk & Scars by Alex Eddarro


Emotionally broken, psychologically haunted, and physically scarred, Trenton Jacobs is afraid to love. At 28, the tattooed Las Vegas mechanic has spent his life taking care of his little sister, Olivia, protecting her from all the ugliness in the world. He’s worked hard to ensure her happiness and success, even though he struggles to find his own. Bouncing from one distraction to another, never settling long enough to disappoint anyone except himself, he seems destined to end up alone. Trenton’s potential has been undermined by the tragic upbringing that taught him to hate the fundamental things that make him who he is.
Seth Zewinski couldn’t be more different. At 40, he is president of his own development company and owns a swanky penthouse, a fleet of fancy cars and a closet full of immaculate designer clothes. Seth is the envy of everyone he meets. But behind those expensive walls he’s built around himself, he’s lost. The death of his lover and long-time partner took a part of Seth away: the part that kept him breathing, the part that knew how to love. 
When their two worlds collide, chemistry can only take these damaged men so far. What could these two possibly have to offer each other…beyond Silk & Scars?

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**I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I wanted to read this book based on the potential strength of the premise despite knowing that this is the sort of story that is hard to pull off. In my opinion, characters that carry scars from previous abuse and the loss of partners are hard to write without intense character work and precise language. Particularly, child abuse is such a difficult, sensitive topic, I have a hard time reading a story when that plot becomes too melodramatic — because then it reads as merely a surface plot device.

I think this book will really come down to a matter of taste for readers. Personally, the way that the abuse was described from the get-go, and Seth’s heartbreak, made this book a DNF for me.  I have to stress that I am very picky about this sort of story element and this influenced my decision not to continue reading. The overall blurb of the story sounded very interesting, and there may be many of you who enjoy this debut novel.

Also, side note, I loved the cover!

** A copy of this book was provided by the author in return of an honest review

About the Author:

Alex Eddarro is a strong-willed, sharp-witted, bookworm. With a love of oddities, rock n’ roll, and coffee, his assertive and adventurous spirit has kept him constantly exploring the road less travelled. Inspiration can be found with every step, with music blaring and a pen in hand.

Growing up on a steady diet of sci-fi, paranormal and horror novels, and gory movies. Blessed with a vivid imagination, Alex spent years writing poetry, painting, and designing tattoos―when he wasn’t writing countless short stories. Among all these creative outlets, erotica remained most intriguing, a genre in which—just as with his own life—the envelope could be pushed. Alex focuses on writing deep and sexually-charged stories that capture the profound intensity of desire between lovers.

When not writing, Alex can still be found behind an easel, working on some wild design, or rushing headlong into another adventure. Alex currently resides in Toronto, with his partner and two crazy dogs. Silk & Scars is Alex’s first full-length novel.


Genre: Contemporary Orientation: Gay Pairing: M/M Review Self Published

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Jude Sierra is a Latinx poet, author, academic and mother who began her writing career at the age of eight when she immortalized her summer vacation with ten entries in a row that read “pool+tv”. Jude began writing long-form fiction by tackling her first National Novel Writing Month project in 2007.

Jude is currently working toward her PhD in Writing and Rhetoric, looking at the intersections of Queer, Feminist and Pop Culture Studies. She also works as an LGBTQAI+ book reviewer for Queer Books Unbound. Her novels include Hush, What it Takes, and Idlewild, a contemporary queer romance set in Detroit’s renaissance, which was named a Best Book of 2016 by Kirkus Reviews. Her most recent novel A Tiny Piece of Something Greater was released in May of 2018. Shadows you Left, a co-written novel with Taylor Brooke will arrive spring of 2019 from Entangled Press.

Twitter: @JudeSierra
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