ARC Review: Misinformation by Keelan Ellis


30044991Ethan Daniels, host of a popular conservative cable news program, has never thought of his bisexuality as a problem, though he has never acted on his attraction to men. Since his divorce, that desire has become more acute. When he meets Charlie Woods, his daughter’s first grade teacher, they have an instant spark, but Ethan hesitates to act. His contract is up for renewal, there are already rumors swirling about him because of a brief encounter from his past, and the last thing his employers want is for one of their stars to come out publicly.

Charlie avoids romantic entanglements because he prefers living on his own terms. He keeps love and sex completely separate, never seeing anyone more than a few times. Hooking up with a closeted celebrity like Ethan seems safe from emotional involvement, even if they have to keep their fledgling relationship secret.

The last thing they expect is to fall in love, but their strong mutual attraction moves them both to make changes neither of them thought they wanted or needed.

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Release date: June 15th.

My Review:


Would it be enough if I just told you that I loved Misinformation and that you really should read it? Like as soon as it comes out? Because I loved, absolutely loved this book and I feel like it should be enough to convince you to read it too. 😉

Misinformation is the story about Ethan. A bisexual – recently divorced – father of an adorable six-year-old who’s still in the closet. And Charlie, the very not in the closet, first grade teacher of Ethan’s daughter.

They first meet when Ethan brings his daughter, Fiona, to school and there’s an instant attraction. But because Ethan is still in the closet, and doesn’t plan to come out of it anytime soon and since he would lose his job if he did, he doesn’t act and ask for Charlies number. Also he’s his daughters teacher, so it wouldn’t be appropriate.
But later, after Ethan had a few too many drinks because his day at work sucked, they happen meet again in a bar and after a bit of awkwardness end up at Ethan’s place. The next morning Ethan wants to forget he ever slept with Charlie because he just can’t be in a relationship with a guy. But of course he can’t avoid Charlie forever, so it doesn’t take long for them to meet again.

So despite Ethan being set on staying in the closet and not having an affair/relationship with another guy, he just can’t stay away from Charlie and somehow it turns into a relationship. And these two just fit together so well. Whenever they were together you could feel the attraction and I loved how they just couldn’t resist each other. Despite being afraid to be hurt Charlie just can’t keep Ethan at arm’s length.
And although it would cost Ethan his job if someone found out about him and Charlie he just starts to not care. He’s been in the closet his whole life, and now that he’s not married anymore he wants to know what it’s like to be with a guy.

Oh how I loved these guys. They captured my heart and didn’t let it go. I was cheering for them the whole time, hoping they’d work it out somehow.

I loved how Ethan developed throughout the story, with being in the closet at the beginning, to finally having enough of it.
One of my favourite scenes in this book was when he was just done with it. His reaction is so understandable.

Misinformation also features a great cast of side characters like Deirdre, Ethan’s ex (and finally an ex-wife in a book that is not a jealous, scheming witch!) So refreshing to see a book where she’s not some kind of monster! Then there’s Josh whom I can’t wait to read more about and of course the cute Fiona!

And finally I have to mention this gorgeous cover art! Doesn’t it just look fantastic? ❤

Misinformation is definitely one of my favourites of this year and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. Highly recommended!


Genre: Contemporary Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Review Tag: Part of a series

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