Review: Hush by Jude Sierra


Wren is one of “the gifted”—a man with the power to compel others’ feelings and desires. He uses his power as a game of sexual consent until Cameron, a naive college student, enters his life. As Cameron begins to understand his sexuality and gain confidence under Wren’s tutelage, Wren grows to recognize new and unexpected things about himself. Can their game become a relationship as the power shifts from teacher to student?

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My Review:

OMG! What a book, what a brilliantly written story. So captivating and beautiful!
I don’t know why it took me so long to read it.

I read What it Takes by Jude Sierra back in january, LOVED it, and bought Hush right after I had finished it but then I never started it.
About two weeks ago Hush constantly popped up on my twitter and goodreads timeline and I thought I had to finally read it. And OMG! Why did I wait so long??
It’s so good!

I had a bit of a problem to get into it at first (we’re talking like the first two chapters here, so really not that long) because of how fast the POV switched. But once I was in I loved that we got both Wren’s and Cam’s point of view.
This story isn’t your usual m/m romance. But Jude Sierra seamlessly wove the supernatural part of the story into the real world and created an enthralling story with fantastic characters. I found the “gifted” population really interesting and would have maybe liked a bit more information about that.

I loved both protagonists but especially connected with Wren. He’s so scared of getting hurt and think that if he has absolute control over Cam (or well any situation really) he won’t get hurt again. So  right from the beginning he tries to call the shots but doesn’t anticipate that Cam would get under his skin regardless of who is in control.
Cam was a great character. I felt like he took everything in stride, no matter what Wren did.

When I first read the blurb for Hush I was a bit worried about the consent aspect of this story because Wren can compel anyone to do anything he wants. It just screamed dangerous to me. But Jude Sierra never crossed that line. Everything Wren does, he does with full consent from Cam.

Hush is very different from What it Takes but I loved it. Shows that Jude Sierra can probably write anything and we (the readers) can be sure it’s good! Wren is not the only one who can compel. Jude Sierras writing style is also so damn compelling and almost hypnotic that I found it hard to put this one down. She pulls you in and doesn’t let you go and I really, really didn’t want this book to be over.

Hush is a compelling, thoroughly entertaining and wonderful story. Definitely recommend this one and if you haven’t read What it Takes yet be sure to check that out too! Ms. Sierra is one of my auto-buy authors and I’m really, really looking forward to Idlewild which comes out in october.

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Publisher: Interlude Press Review

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