ARC Review: Boy Meets Boy Meets Boy by Josephine Myles & JL Merrow


Good men come in threes!

Three’s definitely not a crowd in this trio of contemporary erotic male/male/male ménages with a very British flavour from gay romance favourites Josephine Myles and JL Merrow.

Let your fantasies run wild as you take in the fit bodies down at the gym, or enjoy a very special birthday present from a loving partner. And even a trip to the dentist can be enjoyable with the 29497723right sort of distraction!

Kit Bag by JL Merrow

Working late at the gym one night, Kit’s delighted when two of his fantasies made flesh come in for a workout. The guys he’s dubbed Black Muscle Vest and Grey Sweats are tall, gorgeous and insanely built, and Kit can hardly take his eyes off their glistening, pumped-up muscles.

But he’s not the only one who’s been dreaming of a little hot and sweaty man-on-man-on-man action. Harry and Sven are only too happy to make Kit’s fantasy a reality in the changing room—and Kit’s going to get a workout of his own he’ll never forget!

Unwrapped: The Birthday Gift by Josephine Myles

All Dave wants for his birthday is a threesome, and his devoted boyfriend Mark is keen to oblige. Enter Pedro, the mysterious stranger they pick up from the pub. Taking him home with them promises a scorching encounter… if only Dave can deal with his nerves first!

Getting a Filling by JL Merrow

Ivo’s terrified of going to the dentist, even with his lover, Colin, there for moral support. But when the dentist turns out to be gorgeous—and gay—fear turns to flirtation. The next time Ivo ends up in the dentist’s chair it’s a lot more fun, as the support Colin and Ted give him is very immoral indeed!

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My Reviews:


Boy Meets Boy Meets Boy is a hot collection of three stories; all featuring threesomes.
When I started this anthology I expected three hot stories and Josephine Myles and JL Merrow definitely didn’t disappoint! I enjoyed all three stories so much!

Kit Bag by JL Merrow:

The first story is about Kit who works in a fitness studion and has been watching and fantasising about two guys who come regularly to the gym. One day they call him under fals pretences and it doesn’t take long for things to get heated. 😉
This is the shortest of the three stories and while I still enjoyed it, I was sad that it was so short. I would have definitely liked to have a bit more of those three.

Unwrapped: The Birthday Gift by Josephine Myles:

This one was definitely my favourite out of all three stories.
The story starts out in a pub where Dave (the birthday boy!) and Mark are looking for a third guy to join them as a birthday gift for Dave. They have been together for a while but want to heat things up a bit.
They choose Pedro, a slightly older guy.
I liked the dynamics between the characters in the story. Dave is a bit unsure whether his relationship with Mark can endure this little adventure, but they talk about it, and Dave realises that he can trust his partner. Josephine Myles managed it to add character growth in this  short story AND add hot sex.

Getting A Filling by JL Merrow:

The story starts with Ivo and his boyfriend in the waiting room at the dentist. Ivo is afraid to go alone so Colin has to accompany him to make sure that Ivo actually goes and sees the (hot) dentist.
I LOVED how Colin teased Ivo the whole time they were there. Their banter was cute and definitely a highlight of this story. And the sex scenes were hot. I liked the chemistry between the three of them. They fit together really well.


Overall I really enjoyed this anthology and I’ll definitely check out the other stories in this series.
With 34 pages it’s definitely not long, but features three really nice, well-written and sexy stories. Boy Meets Boy Meets Boy is perfect if you’re just looking for a quick read inbetween!

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Genre: Contemporary Review Self Published Tag: Part of a series

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