What Are You Reading-Wednesday


I’m currently reading Broken Records by Lilah Suzanne.
Those of you who follow me on twitter know, that I had a bit of a problem deciding on what to read next yesterday. I had narrowed it down to three books and then ended up buying Broken Records. I think I have a problem. *g*

26223139But yeah, this one had been on my wishlist for a while now. When I saw the cover I fell head over heels in love with it and it sounded good too, but I wanted to wait until there were a few reviews before buying it. And then I kind of forgot about it because I didn’t add it to my to-read list on goodreads (and usually when I decide what to read next I browse that list and not my amazon-wishlist.)

Now I wish I had bought it sooner because so far it’s really good. It sucked me right in and I almost missed the end of lunchbreak today because I was so engrossed in it. Why did I wait so long to read it?


Los Angeles-based stylist Nico Takahashi loves his job—or at least, he used to. Feeling fed up and exhausted from the cutthroat, gossip-fueled business of Hollywood, Nico daydreams about packing it all in and leaving for good. So when Grady Dawson—sexy country music star and rumored playboy—asks Nico to style him, Nico is reluctant. But after styling a career-changing photo-shoot, Nico follows Grady to Nashville where he finds it increasingly difficult to resist Grady’s charms. Can Nico make peace with show business and all its trappings, or will Grady’s public persona get in the way of their private attraction to each other?

Book One in Lilah Suzanne’s “Spotlight” series.


Leave a comment and tell me what you’re reading right now.

Until next time! 🙂

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    • Yeah I saw it on goodreads and added it to my list, but I’ll wait for your rating before deciding I think. It sounds good but I’m not sure it’s a book for me.


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