Review: Playing With Fire by Avery Cockburn


“I don’t want options. I just want you.”

27871814Robert McKenzie has a secret. As the only straight player on an all-LGBT soccer team, he’s known to fans as “McWhatAWaste.” No one would guess Robert’s actually bisexual. At twenty-one, on the verge of a brilliant career in video game design, he’s finally ready to be his true self. The only thing keeping him in the closet is…his gay best friend?

Liam Carroll has a problem. His gorgeous best mate wants to kiss him and touch him and…everything with him. But for how long? With Robert embarking on a bright future—far from their rough-and-tumble East End streets—Liam may soon be left behind. He can’t risk falling in love with a man he can’t live without. His solution? Keep things casual, see what happens.

Aye, right. After one night together, “just mates” is no longer an option. Robert wants more than sex, but diehard cynic Liam won’t drop the barriers around his heart. As they push and pull each other, their lifelong bond—the heart of the Warriors team—is ready to rupture. With the bridge back to mere friendship well and truly burned, Robert and Liam must go forward together—or fall to pieces apart.

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My Review:

Let me start this by saying that I absolutely loved the previous books in this series, and I really don’t know why, but this one just didn’t work for me. =(
It’s definitely a case of “it’s not you, it’s me” and I’m so sorry, but this one left me overall a bit disappointed.

Robert is well-known as the only straight player for the LGBT football team, but he’s been secretly in love with his best friend, Liam, for a while.  And at the beginning of the book, while they’re on a camping trip, Robert can’t keep it to himself any longer and comes out to Liam. Liams reaction to that is basically telling Robert that he’s just afraid to come out as gay, because Liam doesn’t believe in bisexuals. WTH?

I tried so hard to like Liam, but I really had my problems with his attitude. I understood how he might think, that maybe he’s not good enough for Robert. And he seemed like he was such a great and interesting character in the previous books, and I was excited to finally read his and Roberts story, but when I “got to know him” I couldn’t believe that he was the same Liam we saw in the other books. And it wasn’t just that he thought bisexuals don’t exist; I just couldn’t relate to him.

What kept me going at first was Robert. I really liked him and thought that maybe (even though I didn’t like Liam that much) I’d understand what he liked about Liam so much and I might even come to like Liam in the end.
Sadly the more I read, the more back and forth there was between both protagonists, the less I liked Robert and at the end I really just wanted to finish the book.

Usually I love at least one of the main characters, but with these two I constantly wanted to smash them against a wall so they’d wake up or tell them to get their damn heads out of their arses.

I’m so sorry, but this was just not my book.

I do love the writing though. The author captures the scottish background wonderfully (again). So please, even if I didn’t like this story, I loved the others and I recommend you to read this series.

And I am really looking forward to read Evans story. So far he wasn’t a favourite character of mine and I’m curious to see whether Avery Cockburn can make me like him (maybe even love him).

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