Review: Something Like a Love Song by Becca Burton

What it’s about:

26223074One tragic night left Landon and Dylan’s dreams of happily ever after in apparent ruin. Forced to overcome physical and emotional trauma, the young lovers turn to a network of family and friends as they attempt to rebuild their lives. But can their one constant—their love—survive the changes both undergo on the road to recovery?

My review:

Before I started this book I hadn’t heard anything about Ms. Burton or Something Like a Love Song before. I stumbled upon it on amazon and the cover drew me in. So I started reading and I expected to enjoy it. What I wasn’t prepared for was to fall so completely in love with both main characters and their individual and shared journeys. Whatever you might expect from this book going in let me tell you: it is so much more!

I devoured this book almost entirely in one sitting. I was completely hooked on Landon and Dylan and the development of the story from where it began to where it ended. The plot develops nice and slow and I really enjoyed that we got to know both characters really well. This book basically comes without extra drama or plot twists and turns. But Something Like a Love Song doesn’t need added drama because what happens feels so real; I don’t think I could have taken more drama than what is already in the story. There was never a dull moment in this book and Landon and Dylan sucked me into their world so hard; I absolutely couldn’t stop reading until I had read the last page.

The book starts in the hospital where Landon is being treated after a vicious attack in a dark alley. Dylan is pretty much unharmed but Landon is left with a severe brain injury and trauma.

The story is told from multiple points of views. Mostly from Dylan’s POV, but we also hear from his and Landon’s mom, Landon’s siblings, and also Janessa who is Landon’s caregiver. All those different point of views add to the story and help the reader to get to know Landon and Dylan more thoroughly.  There are a few flashbacks along the way that show how the men met and give the reader a glimpse into their live before the attack.

Something Like a Love Song takes us on a journey through heartbreak, frustration but also hope and every possible emotion in between. And even though there’s a lot of angst what you feel most on every page is the love both main characters have for each other. This is definitely no sugary love story, but rather a very real presentation of what it is to be both the one who has experienced a traumatic brain injury and also being part of their family.

Ms. Burton does an amazing job of combining heartache and humor. And several times throughout the book I found myself wiping away tears in one scene and then laughing out loud in the next. You can’t help falling in love with both Dylan and Landon.

This book is truly special and definitely one of my all-time favourites!

Genre: Contemporary Publisher: Interlude Press Review

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